My both parents are dancers, my mother started teaching me in her ballet school when I was 5. Later I was accepted to the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp(Belgium).

This is me - Tatevik Mkrtoumian and this is my story.

After graduation I was offered a contract in a professional theatre and started my career as a ballerina.

From my experience I know how important it is to look good and how it can help you in your career. I had a closet with over 40 leotards just as many other dancers. But all of them weren't perfect because of different reasons. I bought cheap and expensive leotards but none was made out of breathable fabric, slimming and matt, elongating design, stayed in place when moving or was good fitting at the same time. And that's what I needed, all at ones for every day. I had a closet full of leotards and didn't have anyting to wear that would be just perfect for any rehearsal, class or casting. That's how I started designing my own leotards, considering all my wishes.

It's that simple and perfect fitting leotard that I wanted to create.

The leotards are made out of experience and using new technologies and fabrics. All the dancewear comes alive with professional help – clothing constructor, designer and sewing crew. Together we have developed different designs. We have been thinking about every single line, curve and detail of each design. Our sizing has been tested on different ballet body's and adjusted every time again and again untill we have developed the perfect lines and a great fit for a dancers' body.

That's how I started this webshop and I wish that my leotards will help many dancers. 

Tatevik - By a dancer, for dancers.

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