TATEVIK offers Ballet Leotards 3 different styles. We provide you with elegant styles that contain all wishes of a dancer when looking for a leotard. Slimming and elongating styles, beathable and thin Nylon fabrics, bust lining and crotch lining, easy to move, everything stays in place to make you feel secure during dancing. Belgian Designs of leotards are classy and elegant. We aim to solve your everyday dillema about 'what to wear for class?'. Customized fit for ballet body's, unique pattented designs and a simple solution considering all the wishes of every woman to look her best every single day.

FABRIC: All leotards are made from a thin Nylon that lets your body breath. The mesh is soft on your skin and stays good after many washings.

DESIGNS: Considering the wish to have longer lines and look slimmer. Designed in Belgium, all our patterns are pattented.

COMFORT: All elastics stay perfectly in place and are just tight enough. The arms can move freely in every leotard. The leotard follows every move you make and stays in place.

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Long Sleeved Leotard

«I'm wearing the long sleeved leotard and ...»

Evelyn from Luik


«Fast shoppin&great fit :)»

Lydia from Melbourne

Lovely store!

«Simple and clear website, no extra information ...»

Karla from Stuttgart


«So beautiful leotards! Just made my second ord ...»

Karine from Yerevan

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